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The youth of Sierra Leone have the natural talent and desire for learning, and HeartShapedHands Academy can be the missing piece that helps the next generation of Sierra Leoneans achieve greatness. 

Let us cultivate the leaders, ambassadors and world-class athletes that will lead the country forward and put Salone on the international stage. 

The vision of HeartShapedHands Academy is not about Kei himself. It is about all the kids like him, who will stand on his shoulders, arms outstretched to reach their full potential. He is the success story and inspiration HeartShapedHands strives to give other kids with talent and dreams of their future.

By partnering together with Kei and the HeartShapedHands Foundation, you help make the HSH Academy a reality. This will give at-risk youth a real chance at achieving their dreams and breaking the bonds of generational poverty.

These kids are counting on us to help them. Like Kei, they cannot do it alone but require both athletic and academic opportunity. Ultimately, this is how we can make a difference in our world: by giving a 'hand up' to on child at a time. Won't you join us? Please read on as we share our noble and ambitious vision...  

Kei's Story

Our Founder & President Kei Kamara is not your average professional footballer, and his love for his native Sierra Leone drives him to do more for his country.


The Need

Between poverty, lack of education and love of soccer, the West African nation has the potential but lacks the support to develop its next generation of leaders.


The Vision

HeartShapedHands Academy is focused on creating student athletes in Sierra Leone by combining quality education, sports and character development.tShapedHands Academ


The Location

HeartShapedHands Academy will sit on a 100-acre lot just miles outside the capital of Freetown.


HEARTSHAPEDHANDS a Kei Kamara Foundation

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